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The agro-food platform of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia - BarcelonaTech (UPC) is a portal to bring research and technology and facilitate the transfer to the productive sector. Our experience ranges go from primary production to distribution through the whole process of transformation.

Production and food transformation

Nematodes, precision farming, food quality, IV and V range, traditional varieties, aquaculture, sensory analysis, fertilization, crop protection, HACCP, durability and traceability, prototyping machinery, etc.

Materials for food industry

Plastic, ecoplastic, ceramics, metals, hard materials, corrosion, product design, surface treatment, waste plastics, polymers, mechanical properties, new biodegradable materials, biotechnology textile etc.

Sensing and TIC

Electronic systems, transmission systems, ICT, radio, Internet computing, drones, precision farming, data mining, GPS, geolocation, wireless technology, sensors, sensor networks, autonomous sensors, intelligent transport, and transport networks access robotics, computer architecture, microarchitecture, apps for mobile devices, energy efficiency, electrical installations data transmission, etc

Modeling and Environmental Engineering

Optimization and irrigation, anaerobic digestion, waste organic contaminants, pollution, biotechnology and bioprocesses, bacterial cultures, bacterial cultures and yeasts modeling, process modeling, etc

Economy of production logistics, warehousing and distribution

Analysis of prices, demand analysis, risk management, agricultural policy, consumer behavior, competition, food chain organization of working time, etc


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